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Lana Dura heritage fibers

Minna White
Lana Dura
PO Box 305
El Prado, NM 87529   U.S.A.

  •  Coasters    
  •  Tortilla Pot-holders          
  •  Sewn Pot-Holders 
  •  Art Felts (18" by 28") 
  •  Art Felts (34" by 46") 
  •  Floor Rugs 2ft by 3 ft 
  •  Floor Rugs--  Larger sizes available (3' by 4' and 2' by 6')

Wholesale accounts are encouraged!

Cleaning instructions for Lana Dura products:

With floor rugs, vacuum them first (both sides). 

To wash: Place the piece in a tub/bucket of water with no more than 1/2 teaspoon of gentle washing product (like Dawn), soak the piece for perhaps five minutes then rinse clean in same temperature water and dry flat or hang over a railing.

Call for a Personal Appointment. 

Using Zoom or Facetime or photos emailed, see both sides of any felt style(s) you like. This is enormously fun for me--- I love talking about the sheep and their wool.   You can request specific designs or colors and get something created for you.  Shipping at cost (wool is light-weight). Depending on what colors of Navajo-Churro washed wool are available.

Click to watch a quick 4:46 video on about "Lana Dura Felts"

Our felts and/or felt products can be found at:

Made in New Mexico, Taos, NM